Total Quality Policy

Our quality Assurance standards

Total Quality Policy

At Arrange Systems Private Limited quality is always the main focus of every project, and our quality processes strictly abides by the ISO Quality Management System (QMS).

Quality Assurance (QA) is a vital phase of a Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) to ensure that the system meets business and performance requirements as documented during requirements specifications, detailed design and build phases. Thus, we are pedantic when it comes to Quality Assurance (QA).

We employ a total quality process that begins on day one and carries throughout the successful launch and long-term maintenance of a project. With the help of our highly trained quality assurance personnel, we check our work, test our products, and anticipate errors, working to maximize quality for the total solution we develop.

By providing high quality IT services, on time and at lower than market prices, we help our clients get to the market faster and with more stability than other providers. Arrange Systems Private Limited shall relentlessly strive to create a unique software development environment where every employee is aware of quality and its economics.

Our extremely qualified and experienced QA Analysts ensure that quality from the ground up by adopting accredited techniques for planning, testing, project management, requirements and configurations. To complement this, we also apply techniques to control and measure our performance and process quality to scope out opportunities for further improvement and improved technology.

Our interlaced quality control policy helps us to streamline an application’s development along with:

  1. Offer High Quality Projects
  2. Unit Testing
  3. Focus on Dynamic Solutions
  4. Reduce Clients Risk
  5. Offer High Quality Projects
  6. Unit Testing
  7. Focus on Dynamic Solutions
  8. Reduce Clients Risk