Desktop based Clinic & Hospital management Software by Odisha based Software Company

Welcome to our Hospital Management (Clinic Management) software developed in .Net for desktop and web version.  This Hospital Management System has all the features required for all Small & Medium hospital to function seamlessly. It is very friendly to use and manage all operations of a Hospital very effectively. This software can be set up for your unique needs. This Hospital management system has been conceived by blend of seasoned professional. It is geared up to meet the demands of running a modern Hospital, Clinic and Diagnostics Centers. This system will give full solution for the Hospital Management. It will work on network so that multiple users will be able to work on this system simultaneously. It is a comprehensive software suite consisting of integrated modules for various aspects of hotel management.

Hospital Management System is the most complete and multi-functional hospital or medical centre management system by Arrange Systems Private Limited. It collaborates admin, patients, doctors, nurses, laboratorists, pharmacists, receptionist, accountants so that all the paper works and manual
tiresome works can be automated easily and efficiently.

1. General :

a) General Settings
b) OP Settings Master
c) General Vouchers

2. Patient Information:

Patient Registration
a) Patient Info Sheet
b) Patient Deposit Register

3. Outpatient Department :

OP Register
a) Discharge Register
b) Follow up visit register
c) Patient Diagnostics Details
d) Doctors Comments and Recommendations
e) Patients Prescription Details
f) Patient Transactions
g) Patient Transaction Utility
h) Medical Record Management

4. Inpatient Department :

Inpatient Registration

5. Masters :

Service Master
a) Account Head Register
b) Expense Master
c) Diagnostics Master
d) Investigation Master
e) Doctor Specialization Master
f) Resource Master

6. Appointments :

a. Appointment Visit Register

7. Administration :

Company Profile Settings
a) Branch Profile Settings
b) User Rights Assignment
c) Prescription Template Master
d) Expense Charge Setting

8. Employee Information:

Employee Registration
a) Employee Account Master
b) Employee Account Transaction
c) Bank Master
d) Bank Account Register
e) Bank Account Transaction
f) Employee Designation Master
g) Employee Shift Master
h) User Maintenance
i) Employee Attendance Register

9. Doctor Details :

Doctor Master
a) Doctors Duty Time Registration
b) Doctor Leave Register
c) Refer In Doctor Master

10. Insurance Section :

Insurance Master
a) Insurance Claim

11. Accounting Reports :

Receipt Subsidiary
a) Payment Subsidiary
b) Bank Account Ledger
c) Employee Account Ledger
d) Investment Bank Outstanding
e) Employee Account Outstanding
f) Patient Deposit Ledger
g) Patient Discharge Details
h) General Ledger
i) Daybook
j) Receipts and Disbursements

12. Reports :

Doctor Details
a) Specializations
b) Services Available
c) Diagnostics Details
d) Account Master Details
e) Expense Master Details
f) Expense Charge Details
g) Patient Bill Register
h) Employee Details
i) Doctor Duty Timing
j) Doctors Leave Register
k) Patient Bill Summary
l) Patient Information
m) General Category
n) Patient Diagnostics Details
o) Inpatient Registration
p) Patient Wise Pending Bills
q) OP Registration
r) Doctor Wise Collection
s) Doctor Wise Collection Detailed

Arrange Systems private Limited is a Software company in Odisha, Bhubaneswar. We develop cloud based application, mobile application and desktop based application for customers all around the globe. The application development technology includes platform like PHP/APACHE/MYSQL, DOT NET/IIS/SQL SERVER, JAVA/FIREBASE, SWIFT, PYTHON, C++, ASP/JSP etc.
The app is ready to use over web, desktop, mobile platform. Please call us for demo.

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